• 12-Jul-2020

    Entitled ‘From Coronavirus Crisis to Sustainable Development’ ‘Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum’ Hosts Senator Haifa Al Najjar in a Virtual Session

    Entitled ‘From Coronavirus Crisis to Sustainable Development’
    ‘Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum’ Hosts Senator Haifa Al Najjar in a Virtual Session 
    AMMAN - Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum (TAG-KF) hosted HE Ms. Haifa Al Najjar, a member of the Jordanian Senate, in a virtual session entitled ‘From Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis to Sustainable Development’, conducted in a live broadcast through the Forum’s Facebook page.
    Al Najjar participated in the session in her capacity as a Senator, a member of King Abdullah Fund for Development (KAFD) Board of Trustees, a member of the Council of Education in Jordan, a member of the Royal National Committee of the Higher Council for Curriculum Development and a member of the National Committee for Human Resources Development.
    During the meeting, Senator Al Najjar affirmed that the Corona pandemic has brought great challenges at all levels, especially in the education sector, pointing out that the pandemic imposed the remote electronic learning, reconsideration of the educational system integrally based on full understanding of challenges and future trends as well as their accelerating development.   
    Furthermore, Al Najjar called for developing the current curriculum to keep abreast with the future of distance learning, noting that the crisis imposed the necessity of redefining the role of school and educational institution with a focus on vocational education to empower students and provide them with the necessary handicrafts and skills so that the school becomes a laboratory and a workshop for experimentation and innovation. 
    She also called for taking advantage of emerging opportunities which enable the youth to develop their capabilities and skills to achieve leadership and creativity, pointing to the important role the government and the local community institutions play in supporting entrepreneurs by providing them with an appropriate environment for establishing their entrepreneurial projects, especially in technology, learning platforms among others. 
    In this regard, Al-Najjar explained that the required transformation process to face post-COVID-19 era requires a comprehensive and an integrated reconsideration of the Jordanian national development project in all economic, educational, social and cultural aspects, stating that a number of development sectors were affected by the pandemic, while, others proved their efficiency and ability to achieve self-sufficiency and self-reliance in overcoming the crisis. 
    She further stressed that Jordan, today, is in urgent need for local production, calling on the government to take serious steps towards improving national industries and products and their competitiveness. 
    At the end of the session, which was moderated by Mr. Fadi Daoud, Executive Director of TAG-KF and Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) Education and Youth Consultant, Senator Najjar confirmed that individuals and institutions are required to be flexible, self-propelled, continuous and committed to the plan during implementation in addition to adapting to any developments, cooperating with others and exchanging ideas transparently. 
    For his part, Daoud pointed out that the digital virtual session with Senator Al Najjar was organized as part of a series of digital meetings and talks in the time of Coronavirus conducted in a live broadcast through TAG-KF Facebook page.