TAG-KF Digital Talks

Digital Talk with Dr.Bashar Hawamdeh Chairman of INT@J Association , titled Coronavirus Leading the Digital Transformation” 18/5/2020

Digital Talk with H.E. Dr.Khaled Wazani, Jordan Investment Commission Chairman, titled “Investment Opportunity during Crisis” 10/5/2020

Digital Talk with H.E. Dr.Talal Abu Ghazaleh titled “ Knowledge Revolution facing Coronavirus” 4/5/2020

Digital Talk with H.E. Mr.Hussam Abu Ali, Director General of Income and Sales Tax Dept. titled “ The Governmental Taxation procedures during Coronavirus crisis” 1/6/2020

Digital Talk with His Excellency the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Dr. Wissam Al-Rabadi on "Economic Recovery after the Corona Crisis" 9/6/2020

Digital Talk with H.E. Senator Haifa Najjar From Corona Crisis towards Sustainable Development Tuesday 23-6-2020

Digital Talk with Dr. Fares Braizat, Minister of Youth, titled ““Youth Role during Crisis” ” 30/6/2020

Digital Talk with H.E Dr. Jawad Annani, former deputy prime minister, titled “Sub-Zero Economics” 7/7/2020

Digital Talk with H.E Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, Managing Director of Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), titled “The tourism sector and the recovery process” 15/7/2020

Digital Talk with Mr. Hossam El Shaffei, ACFE Accredited Fraud Investigators Association, titled “Fraud in the wake of COVID-19” 28/7/2020

National Youth Conference entitled The Role of Youth in Creating Change 12/8/2020

Seminar entitled "Women’s Political Participation - Jordan Elected" with His Excellency Dr. Abeer Dababneh, Member of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent Election Commission 19/8/2020

Online dialogue (volunteering and youth participation) 2/9/2020

A ceremony to announce the results of the Young Entrepreneur Competition 2020 under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Eng. Muthanna Gharaibeh 9/9/2020

Online dialogue "comprehensive and equitable coverage of cancer treatment, National priority and collective responsibility". 30/9/2020

Digital talk with Her Excellency Mrs.Kholoud saqqaf President of Social Security Investment Fund Titled “SSIF Investments and future plans” 24/11/2020

Digital talk Titled “Financing Challenges for Startup” 30/11/2020

Digital talk with H.E. Dr. Amer Khayat Titled “The Arab real situation in Corruption, Governance and Integrity” 14/12/2020

Visual Disability in Jordan - Reality and Aspiration

"Economic Media, Reality and Aspirations" 24/1/2021

Dialogue session: Cancer insurance ,,,, a comprehensive concept of social protection in line with the aspirations of citizens 17/2/2021

Dialogue session: "Women in the First Centenary of Jordan - Reality and Aspirations" 7/3/2021

Dialogue session: "Jordanian women in science and technology" 17/3/2021

Dialogue session: "Jordanian Media Woman: Between Challenges and Opportunities" 28/3/2021

Dialogue session: ""The role of women in local administration"" 5/4/2021

Civic participation of youth and the importance of volunteering 10/4/2021

MEET 4 JORDAN conference opening session Virtual exhibitions and conferences to reach global markets

Panel discussion titled “ investments in technology and woman opportunities” MEET 4 JORDAN conference

Jordanian exports and the desired recovery towards global markets - MEET 4 JORDAN conference

We meet for Jordan, the land of talents and opportunities - closing session - MEET 4 JORDAN conference

Digital talk Titled "Digital Media and Youth on Social Media"

Digital talk Titled Learning by Doing: the integration of digital fabrication in education

Digital talk Titled " The role of the Arab media in reviving and preserving heritage" 9/10/2021

Under the patronage of general secretary of the Ministry of youth Talal Abu Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum participates in the closing ceremony for Kenz Club 2021 by Arab Nour 14/11/2021

Webinar titled : “Emerging Tech Global Skills Gap” 12/1/2022

Online panel discussion titled: “Entrepreneurship in Education and Educating Entrepreneurship" 25/1/2022

Online panel discussion titled: “ Jordan X Cancer” 28/2/2022

Panel Discussion titled: “Digital Media, between Reality and Aspiration” 20/

On the occasion of the World Anti-Tobacco Day, an invitation to participate in a digital panel discussion entitled “The Scourge of Smoking, Where to? Reality and ambition 30/5/2022